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Sri Lanka’s first state of the art centre for testing, treating and hearing aid fitting for children and adults who have hearing and speech difficulties.

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Our Mission

To reach out to those having hearing and speech impairment and provide a solution for a better future where hearing aid speech loss will not be a barrier to self development

Client Testimonials

"At the age of two we noticed our son said few words in comparison to his peers. After one year of speech therapy at the Centre we noticed significant improvements in speech, comprehension, behavior and social skills. This has helped our son learn and concentrate better all thanks to speech therapy."

-Mr. G Gunathilaka

“I am, I think, one of the many who have benefitted from RAC. I was short of hearing in both ears. With my ENT’s advice I approached the Centre and hearing aids were fitted. I am quite happy now since I enjoy an enhanced hearing. The Centre deserves appreciation for all those of us who have received their invaluable service over the years”

- Ms. T. Baddenithaane

- Mr. S.C. Ediriweera
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